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What We Do and Don’t Know about Software Development Effort Estimation

There Is No “Best” Effort Estimation Model or Method
Clients’ Focus on Low Price Is a Major Reason for Effort Overruns
Minimum and Maximum Effort Intervals Are Too Narrow
It’s Easy to Mislead Estimation Work and Hard to Recover from Being Misled
Relevant Historical Data and Checklists Improve Estimation Accuracy
Combining Independent Estimates Improves Estimation Accuracy
Estimates Can Be Harmful

How to Accurately Estimate the Effort of Mega - large, Complicated Software Projects
How to Measure Software Size and Complexity for Accurate Estimation
How to Measure and Predict Productivity

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Permanent Temporary Restaurant

What would the economics be for a pop up restaurant that rotates each day of the week? Tuesday is a taqueria, Friday is tapas, Saturday is Pizza, Sunday is a burgers.

How would a place be branded? It’s like a music venue that takes out ads highlighting upcoming events but it’s about who is making what kind of food…

A paragon of free market efficiency and technological innovation serving the greater convenience and comfort of the general public? Or living proof for why capitalist societies require regulation? Why Uber must be stopped

Don’t be seduced into thinking that that which does not make a profit is without value. Arthur Miller (via wordsnquotes)

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How is Hating Facebook Different Than Hating… anything?

T.C. Stolak says, “Facebook destroys the present moment, leaving us only with the metadata of experience; ultimately meaningless traces of what we now think looks like real experience. It does this by locking us in a room with ourselves, our self-consciousness, and throwing away the key.”

But that could be replaced with Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Google, or any other community based website.

I think a better, but less exciting article, would be about quitting Facebook because it’s boring.

Congrats indeed.

Congrats indeed.

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